The cervical cancer isn’t just a young woman’s disease

The cervical cancer isn’t just a young woman’s disease

Many people believe that the cervical cancer is the disease that attacks young women. According to the British Medical Journal, 50% of deaths occur among elderly women. These women are over 65. Experts say that the age limit for this type of cancer should be increased to 70 years. Between 2010 and 2012, there were 449 deaths among women who were older than 65 years and 7 deaths in women who were younger the age 25. In 2013, 72% of women, from England, between 60 and 64 years were screened in 5 previous years. 82% of women between age 50 and 54 were screened and 76% of women between age 55 and 59. 

According to Dr Sue Sherman from the Keele University, older women don’t go to the doctor in order to check for the symptoms of this cancer. Julietta Patnick, from the NHS cancer screening, suggests that every woman, older than 65 years, who is concerned about cervical health, should contact her GP. 

Women usually believe that the cervical cancer is a young woman’s disease. The attention on younger women is much higher. You may remember of the Jade Goody, television celebrity, who died in 2009. She was 27 years old. In England, there were several campaigns that should lower the screening age from 25. 

Now, 20% of the diagnoses are among elderly women. In order to make more women think more about this disease, experts say that cervical cancer should be treated as bowel and breast cancer. They affect on women of all ages. Experts say that women who were regularly tested between age 50 and 64, had much lower risk of this disease.