Living with multiple sclerosis is without a doubt a tough thing to do but by ensuring that you make the right choices when it comes to your lifestyle, choices such as getting lots and lots of vitamin D can improve your overall health. In this article I will be sharing with you 4 tips for managing multiple sclerosis.

Fight Back With Food

“Ensuring that your diet is anti-inflammatory goes a long way in improving your overall health,” says Mary Ransel who is a certified MD at the Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment and Research at a clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. This means that you should have lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, health oils and whole grains.

Start Exercising

According to a study which had its findings published in the Health Quality of Life Outcome Journal, having a 30 minute physical exercise which is moderate reduce fatigue as well as depression among people who are leaving with sclerosis. Activities such as walking and swimming are advised for those who have sclerosis.

Takes Lot of Vitamin D

According to Rensel, who has a clinic that routinely tests vitamin D blood levels as well as recommend and provide supplements to those who have multiple sclerosis and are deficient “There is some relationship between low vitamin D and developing MS or worsening MS symptoms.” In fact research has shown that children who spent lots time in sunny spots during summer vacations were less likely to develop sclerosis later in life.

Stop Smoking (or don’t start)

This is one of the three environmental factors which are strongly related to multiple sclerosis. By smoking you will be increasing the risk of you getting multiple sclerosis. In an event that you already had sclerosis smoking helps in increasing the damage that it makes to your brain.