Best Ways To Reduce The Risks Of Breast Cancer

Best Ways To Reduce The Risks Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is counted among the most serious health concerns for women around the planet. If you are wondering on how you reduce your chances, here are some tips that will work for preventing breast cancer.

Start with weight management

Obesity has been long counted as a contributing factor to breast cancer, especially in women who tend to gain weight after menopause. Maintaining a healthy and stable weight should help in reducing risks. Start with running, training or basically any form of exercise for 30 minutes a day, all five days of the week. Cardio should be a part of your regime.

Quit smoking and alcohol

Liquor, including wine and beer, should be limited to one drink a day, and if you can do without alcohol, you are probably doing a lot good for the body. Studies have revealed smoking to be related to breast cancer, so cutting on cigarettes and hookahs can be a healthy choice.

Check hormonal therapy

If you are using any hormonal therapy, especially during the menopause years, always consult your healthcare specialist on the options. It is advisable to avoid hormonal therapies for longer times, as the treatment may risk towards breast cancer. Ideally, your doctor should be able to tell you on the alternatives, depending on the required treatment.

Most essentially, women should check their family history and consult a physician for the precautions that can be taken. Healthy diet, good exercise, controlled bodyweight and tweaked lifestyle are some ways to reduce chances of breast cancer.