Look at the Warning Signs of Heart Attack

Look at the Warning Signs of Heart Attack

Here are some signs that can warn you against heart attacks. Look at them and take appropriate steps.
•    Discomfort in the Chest
The most common symptom of heart attack is feeling heaviness in chest. It seems to be more like a burning sensation.

•    Shortness of Breath
If you are breathing heavily or fall short of breath after a short walk, you should not avoid it and treat it as a warning bell.

•    Sweating
In the hottest month i.e. May and June, sweating becomes a common thing. However, if you experience sweating even in the cold season, you should immediately consult a doctor.

•    Nausea
Feeling dizziness regularly marks the onset of heart attack. You should not tell it to be because of tiredness. This may happen only if your artery gets blocked. You may also experience excess stress, fatigue and weakness inspite of having good food and sleep.

•    Numbness in Arms
Another cause of heart problem is numbness of arms and drifting of arms to the sides.

•    Unresponsiveness
You should not ignore if certain parts of your body stops responding. Some of the common areas that are affected are shoulder, arms and neck.

•    Getting Slurred  while Speaking
People don’t only find difficulty in speaking after having drinks, they may also face the same situation if they are most likely to get heart attack. You may also find the help of your loved ones to know what you are speaking.