You and your mind

You and your mind

There comes the time when you simply want to give up, because you are sick of trying. We are talking about dieting of course, because leading a healthy life or losing weight is not easy at all.

Have you ever wondered what keeps you from having a perfect figure of from losing body fat? Is it you or is it something else?
Well some doctors think that what we think subconsciously can sometimes harm our body and our mind.

Some women are chubby or fat because that runs in their family and a lot of them keep thinking how they will “lose” their identity if they start losing weight or how they will not be able to recognize themselves, once they become thinner.

Think of it this way – If your mother and grandmother are/were bigger women, then you should be totally different from them. Don’t worry, you will not do anything wrong and you should let them know how you feel and how good it would be, if you could only be less fat and heavy.

On the other hand you have women who gain weight because they wanna put the shield in front of them, because they were hurt in the past and they don’t feel like that ever again. 
So they start eating, in order to avoid any potential boyfriend or a relationship or even friendship.

If you cannot imagine yourself as someone slimmer, then you should start thinking about your future and how good you would feel, If you could only lose at least little bit of fat.
You simply have to change something about it, because if not now, you will regret it in few years.